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Don't buy what you don't need
Friday, 19 October 2007 16:21
Dagens Nyheter gives it's ten best advices when booking tickets on low fares airlines. I would add the following advice: make sure you don't get extras you don't want. Ryanair almost forces an travel insurance on you when making a reservation, even though most people don't need one. In Sweden for example, most home insurances includes travel insurance. It's very tricky to actually get rid of the extra travel insurance Ryanair is trying to sell to you. You have to take it off your booking several times, before you can actually purchase what you want: the airline ticktets itself. Low fares airlines does not make much money on the fligths itself, but on everything else surrounding the flights. That's why they want to sell you extra travel insurance, transport to the airport, hotels, rental cars and that's why Ryanair charges you a fee per minute when you call their customer service, or when you need to check-in luggage etc. Ryanair even sells lottery tickets onboard to make more money. Be aware of this and just purchase the things you want.