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Low fares airlines on longhaul
Friday, 19 October 2007 16:57
The low fares airlines have revolutionised travel in many parts of the world. In Europe it's not uncommon to find flights for almost nothing. Low fares airlines are now looking into long haul flights as well. Zoom Airlines sells tickets on it's New York to London route for $ 199 one way. Virgin America offers transcontinental flights for $ 129. With the new open sky agreement between the EU and the US, more low fares airlines will start operating long haul within a few years. Ryanair has stated it might have tickets between New York and Stockholm for as little as 500 SEK (70 US $) one way. Already today there's several airlines offering discount fares. AirEurope offer services from Madrid and Barcelona to several destinations in Latin America, and so does Air Comet out of Madrid, with tickets starting at 200 Euro one way. Madrid to Buenos Aires, a good 12 hour flight, is 355 Euro one way. Oasis Hong Kong offers flights to several destinations, including London for 109 British Pounds (220 US $).