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Is Business Class worth the price?
Sunday, 21 October 2007 01:07
Is it really worth paying considerably more money to fly business class? Swedish morning paper Dagens Nyheter makes a test, and their general conclusion is that it is not. The sales of business class contributes largely to the airlines costs. Without business class passengers, economy class passengers would not be able to fly as relatively cheap as they do. That's a fact that we have to remember when walk to our seat behind the curtain. Quite often is the price difference enormous between the economy and the business tickets. But sometimes they are not. High-tourist seasons are often low-business seasons. During the summer prices to the US is often higher in economy, but cheaper in business. I found tickets in SAS' Economy Extra (their premium economy class) for around 10 000 SEK on the Stockholm - New York route, when an economy ticket was well over 8000 SEK.  Flying Madrid to Buenos Aires was 455 Euro one way in economy, and 650 Euro in Junior Business Class on Air Comet. So shop around and look for the best prices. Sometimes the price difference isn't as big as we think upgrading to a higher class.