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SAS stops flying Dash
Monday, 29 October 2007 00:10
Scandinavian Airlines has decieded to stop flying Dash 400 after having 8 accidents in 7 weeks. The whole fleet of 27 planes will be sold. This is probably the most drastic step any airline has taken in order to protect it's rumour and to protect the brand. The decision was taken after yet another accident on Copenhagen airport. This last incident is due to problems with an O-ring.  It has been devastating for SAS with all the accidents, cancellation of flights and aircrafts on the ground for weeks. Most analysts praise the decision and even though it will cost the airline in the short run, most believe that SAS will benefit from it in a longer perspective. The airlines employees is also very positive about the decision taken on Sunday. SAS has used the aircraft for shorter distances both domestically within the three Scandinavian countris, as well on short international flights in Europe. When the Stockholm Stock Exchange opened this morning, the SAS share fell almost 6 %. The stop is estimated to a cost of 300 - 400 million SEK. SAS cancelled 14 flights on Tuesday. The decision is devastating for Bombardier, the aircrafts maker. Not only SAS has had incidents. Japan Airlines has had the aircrafts on the ground for long periods. There has been in total 17 incidents since 1986. The European Space Safety Authority has called the aircraft maker Bombardier to a meeting.