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Checkin to New York
Monday, 22 October 2007 02:32
Checkin Apartments will most likely expand to New York City. "The City of Cities" is one of our favourite places, and our opinion is shared by many others. After a lump after 9/11, the number of visitors to NYC is steadily increasing. New York City was voted the most wanted city to visit. Due to the low prices, tickets are selling fast. New rules will make it both easier and more complicated travelling to the US. The city has never been safer, with lower crime rates than any other major US city. And with the weak US dollar, it's cheaper than in many years; the dollar has not been this cheap since 1992. And shopping is greater than ever with the low dollar and the new EU rules on how much you can bring back home without paying tax. Even home shopping from the US is great with the weak dollar. Beware of tolls and tariffs that can be added when shopping from outside the EU. Here's some tips on internet shopping. Each part of New York has it's own charm. Harlem has become more and more sought after and the boom is only beginning. another coming neighborhood is Lower East Side. There's loads to see and do in New York. According to Swedish daily Aftonbladet, Empire State Building, Central Park, Times Square, Bloomingdales and Broadway is the 5 top things you can't miss in New York. What's your favourites in NY? New York Times has a guide to the city. And in Svenska Dagbladet readers shares their stories, and there is a guide as well. And SvD:s Martin Gelin blogs regularly on New York. Pop star Nina Persson shares her tips on shopping in New York. Find where the celebraties hang in the city that never sleeps. Climate changes can be a threat to several big cities in the world, including New York, reports Swedish Expressen. Even though Global Warming is the be taken very seriously, hopefully NYC will be there for quite a while more. It's yours to discover! A new New York cab is beeing introduced to save energy and space. We will be back with more information on New York and accommodation shortly. There is more to discover than the Big Apple. Ocracoke has been voted the best beach in the US,
SAS' Air-Strikes...
Monday, 22 October 2007 02:08
It's just a few months since the flight attendants at SAS were on strike. It's now time for the pilots to use the weapon. Isn't it time for the Trade Unions and Employers to synchronise the negotiations, so that we can fly without constant disturbances?
Is Business Class worth the price?
Sunday, 21 October 2007 01:07
Is it really worth paying considerably more money to fly business class? Swedish morning paper Dagens Nyheter makes a test, and their general conclusion is that it is not. The sales of business class contributes largely to the airlines costs. Without business class passengers, economy class passengers would not be able to fly as relatively cheap as they do. That's a fact that we have to remember when walk to our seat behind the curtain. Quite often is the price difference enormous between the economy and the business tickets. But sometimes they are not. High-tourist seasons are often low-business seasons. During the summer prices to the US is often higher in economy, but cheaper in business. I found tickets in SAS' Economy Extra (their premium economy class) for around 10 000 SEK on the Stockholm - New York route, when an economy ticket was well over 8000 SEK.  Flying Madrid to Buenos Aires was 455 Euro one way in economy, and 650 Euro in Junior Business Class on Air Comet. So shop around and look for the best prices. Sometimes the price difference isn't as big as we think upgrading to a higher class.
How to rent accommodation?
Saturday, 20 October 2007 23:33
Renting a villa or apartment is becoming a more and more popular alternative to hotel stays. You generally get more value for the money - and a more homelike environment. We have listed apartment services around the world on our website, as a help for travellers.
New route Vaxjo to Berlin
Saturday, 20 October 2007 00:23
Smaland get's it's first direct connection with the German capital on November 30 when Flysmaland starts operating it's route. It will initially only operate until 6 January, but will be back in February or March with extended timetable. We offer accommodation in Berlin at great prices. Tourism is Germany has steadily been growing for the past decade and the fotball world champoinships gave Germany a lot of good publicity. The German Baltic Coast is beautiful and more people are discovering it. Rugen is getting it's new bridge connection this weekend, which will make access much easier.
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