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Frequently Asked Questions - Miami

How do I get a key to the apartment?
When making the reservation, we will make an agreement on how to get the keys. Most commonly, we will greet you at the apartment.

Is there a telephone in the apartment?

No. If coming from an area with a different mobile phone system (most other parts of the world) you can rent a phone at many phone shops, where you can also purchase a US pre-paid SIM-card. Some GSM phones has tri-band and can also be used in the USA. Please check before leaving from home!

Can I smoke in the apartment?
No, the apartment is smoke free.

How often is the apartment cleaned?
The apartment is cleaned between each guest at which time towels and bed linens are changed. If you are staying more than a week, cleaning will be done once weekly. There are extra towels, linens and pillows for your convenience.

What time can I check in?

The normal check-in time is 2pm (14.00) and onwards. If you have an earlier arrival, please let us know and we will see if we can accommodate that.

What time do I have to leave?
The normal check out time is noon, 12 pm (12.00). If you would like to leave the apartment later, please let us know and we will do our best to help you.

How do I get to and from the airport?
There are taxis available at the airports as well as Super Shuttle, where you share a van with other people going your way. Read more under our "Visitors Info".

How do I get to the apartment?
The apartment is located in the Art Deco District in South Beach. When making the reservation we will provide you with a road map.

What is the difference between Miami, Miami Beach, South Beach and the Art Deco District?
Miami is the big city. Miami Beach is a beach town along the shores of the mainland. South Beach is the southern part of Miami Beach. And the Art Deco District is the unique area in South Beach with great architecture from the 1930:s and 40:s.

How do I get around?
Most things in South Beach are within walking distance; the beach, restaurants, cafes and shopping. Read more under "Visitors Info" on our website.

How safe is South Beach?
South Beach is overall safe. We would however recommend all visitors to avoid all un-necessary risks.

Do I need a passport?
All guests are required to bring a photo-ID or passport to identify themselves and sign-in on arrival.

Where can I change money?
We would recommend guests to change their money before leaving from your home country, or at the airport. Credit cards are widely accepted.

What if I cancel?
If cancelling with 7 days or more notice, there is a service charge of 10%. If cancelling less than 7 days ahead there is a cancellation fee of 50%. No refund will be made without any notice; then we will charge the full rate for the booked period.

What happens if I break something?
Guests are responsible and will be charged the cost.

What happens if I loose a key?
For security reasons we would need to change the locks and keys. Guests are fully responsible for the extra costs that inflicts.

Do I need to clean the apartment?
Normal cleaning is included. If extra cleaning is needed, guest will be charged. Doing the dishes is not included.

Will any taxes be added?

No taxes will be added. The prices quoted are all-inclusive.

How do I get in touch with a representative in case of emergencies?
When making the reservation we will also provide you with information on who to contact in case of emergencies.

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