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Frequently Asked Questions - Stockholm

FAQ Apartments Stockholm


How do I get a key to the apartment?
When making the reservation, we will make an agreement on how to get the keys. Most commonly, we will greet you at the apartment.

Is there a telephone in the apartment?
No. But there is excellent internet service, if you would like to use Skype or other similar online telephone services.

Is there internet connection in the apartment?
Yes, all apartments have internet connection, free of charge. Username and password för WiFi is available in the apartments. Should there be a temporary issue with the internet service, unplug the electric cord and let the modem re-start. The username and password are typically stated on the modem.

Can I smoke in the apartment?
No, all the apartments are smoke free.

How often is the apartment cleaned?
The apartment is cleaned between each guest at which time towels and bedlinens are changed. We can usually provide cleaning services at an additional cost.

What time can I check in?
The normal check-in time is 2pm (14.00) and onwards. If you have an earlier arrival, please let us know and we will see if we can accommodate that.

What time do I have to leave?

The normal check out time is noon, 12 pm (12.00). If you would like to leave the apartment later, please let us know and we will do our best to help you.

How do I get to and from the airport?
There are buses and the Arlanda Express train service for Stockholm Arlanda Airport. There are buses to Bromma, Västerås and Skavsta Airports. All depart from the Central Station in Stockholm. There are also fixed priced taxis from the airports - be sure to negotiate the price before leaving! From Arlanda airport to central Stockholm there are flat rate taxis starting at around 450 SEK. Please note that Skavsta and Västerås Airports are more than 100 km from Stockholm and taxis from these airports are very expensive (approx 1500 SEK)

The bus service to Skavsta and Västerås airports take approx 1 hour and 15 minutes to and from Stockholm. The buses depart in conjunction to departure and arrivals of flights to these airports.

How do I get to the apartment?
All our apartments are situated within reach of public transportation. 

Do I need a passport?
All guests are required to bring a photo-ID or passport to identify themselves and sign-in on arrival.

How can I get a cab?
We would recommend one of the three big taxi companies in Stockholm, or use Über. It is usually possible to order a taxi through telephone as well as do a booking in advance.

Taxi Kurir, tel 08-30 00 00 (+46 8 30 00 00)
Taxi Stockholm, tel 08-15 00 00 (+46 8 15 00 00)
Taxi 020, tel 020-93 93 93 (+46 20 93 93 93)

Please not that taxi prices are not regulated in Sweden. It is therefore necessary to chose a taxi company with reasonable prices. All taxis have to publice their prices on a sticker on the window. For taxis to and from airports, there are usually fixed rates. Please check those rates before hiring a taxi.

Where can I change money?
There are several Bureaus de Change in central Stockholm, for example at the Central Station, as well as at the airports. Most banks also provide that service. Credit cards are widely accepted.

What if I cancel?
If cancelling with 30 days or more notice, there is a service charge of 10%. If cancelling less than 30 days ahead there is a cancellation fee of 50%. No refund will be made without any notice or after the rental period has started; then we will charge the full rate for the booked period.

What can I use the apartment for?
The apartment can only be used for housing or home office purposes. Any activity such as illegal downloading or file sharing using the internet connection, prostitution etc will be reported to the police immediately.

What happens if I break something?
Guests are responsible and will be charged the cost.

What happens if I loose a key?
For security reasons, we would need to change the locks and keys. Guests are fully responsible for the extra costs that inflicts.

Do I need to clean the apartment?
Normal cleaning is included. If extra cleaning is needed, guest will be charged. Doing the dishes is not included. Please check if you need cleaning service during your stay. We can usually arrange that for an additional cost.

Will any taxes be added?
12% VAT will be added to the price. The Sales tax is tax deductable for VAT-registered companies in all EU-countries and several other countries.